Join the Clean Slate Illinois Coalition

We call on the state of Illinois to pass comprehensive Clean Slate legislation, make record relief automatic and end the permanent punishments created by arrest or conviction records. We need you to join our fight for Clean Slate Illinois today.



How can you get involved?

The Clean Slate Illinois Coalition is organized by a tier system. Whether you are an individual or an organization, you can join the fight for Clean Slate at whichever level you choose.
Steering Committee
Our Steering Committee provides overall campaign support and serves as committee chairs. Learn more about our Steering Committee organizations here.
Tier 1 Coalition Partner
Tier one coalition partners are committed to participating in committees and are willing to commit up to 5 hours a month to the campaign. As a tier one organization participation includes:
• Advising on one of the coalition committees (Legislative, Communication, or Organizing)
• Host Teach Ins
• Support Legislative and Direct Action events
• Tier two and Tier three commitments
Tier 2 Coalition Partner
Tier two coalition partners are committed to engage on social media and major actions. As a tier two organization support includes:
• Social Media Post
• Participate in turnout for Major events
• Meet w/ elected officials
• Attend Coalition Meetings
• Tier three commitments
Tier 3 Coalition Partner

• Publicly support the campaign by signing on
• Participate in online take action activities (email actions)
Individual Supporters

• Attend Coalition Meetings
• Participate in Teach ins
• Participate in online and in person actions
• Join meetings with your local elected officials