A true shot at a second chance

Clean Slate: a campaign to automate records relief in Illinois

2.2 million Illinoisans have an arrest or conviction record that is eligible for records relief, but only 10% of those eligible have started the process. Pursuing record sealing and expungement can be complicated and costly, and having a record creates significant barriers to employment, housing, education and more. If an old record is preventing you from living a life without discrimination based on your past, then join us in this effort to make record clearance in Illinois AUTOMATIC. You deserve a Clean Slate!



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Automating record relief

Clean Slate Illinois is working to make record clearance automatic: when a person becomes eligible for relief, their record gets cleared. That means no lengthy process, no paying an attorney, no court appearance.


Ending permanent punishment

We are fighting for a system where people who have completed the terms of their contact with the criminal legal system are able to access opportunity automatically, live free of continuous punishments, and get a real second chance.